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What we do 

We design, create and deliver innovative garden, outdoors leisure & lifestyle products, and provide buying solutions for international retailers, distributors, and sellers.

We produce innovative lifestyle products worldwide sold under our own brands, or in collaboration with clients and retailers, with private labels.  With a manufacturing base in Asia, we have infrastructure to serve retailers around the globe. We have our associates and representatives in USA, Canada and Australia/New Zealand to serve you and work with you for any questions and queries before and after sales.  

As member of Outdoor Leisure Industry Association in China, we leverage our 20 years of experience, relationship, and local knowledge in the industry to source what's the best and right in materials, components and latest technology for our products, and collaborate with industry to create extraordinary value for our customers. We work closely with our partners to ensure the highest quality standards are achieved within budget and time frame. 


Our in-house design team helps you create unique custom products or adapt an existing range to suit your needs.  With trend focused design and retail focused development, we work with you from initial concept, through tailored product design to packaging and point of sale displays.  We can complete range analysis, coordination and planograms.

→ We follow the latest global trends in products, fashion and packaging.

→ We develop and update designs to suit consumers’ needs and wants.

→ We always combine and balance the functionality, costs and aesthetics in design for an eye appealing but affordable product.

→ Our knowledge of latest production process and techniques ensure our designs technically and economically achievable in mass production. We take into account the mass manufacturing streamlines and efficiency in product design.    

→ Our total product design includes design for packaging, displaying, and retail system for marketing purposes in store or online.

→ We know the industry standard and safety requirement.  We know what’s worked in the past and understand what’s required for the future. We constantly evaluate the risk and make sure the innovative design is safe and practical.


We bring the design to a real solid product. Our extensive experience and expertise in manufacturing ensure we engineer the product in most efficient and reliable manner.  Our experience in the retail markets provides expert knowledge in display options, ranging and the upkeep of your retail program ensuring maximum returns.  The ability to customise packaging, point of sale, and retail systems means you get the right solution for your specifications.

→ We engineer every single product as a process of creation. We develop the specifications that meet the purpose of real life use and up to all the industry standards. 

→ We engineer the product that can be easily assembled, operated or put into use easily by ordinary users. 

→ We develop the packaging that can well protect our product internally and externally all the way through the logistic chains till to the end users.  

→ We create packaging that is practical and informative, protective, environmental friendly and space saving.

→ We can create additional sales tools and visual assets like product photography, lifestyle imagery and extended product support.


We provides tailored manufacturing for local and international markets and are an after- sales service capable organization. We deliver quality outcome as goal, measured by ultimate customer experience. 

→  We use the right machinery, technicians and careful chosen manufacturing process and quality control process to achieve efficiency and quality for each product.

→  We have a strict and robust Quality Assurance program in place.Our Quality Control (QC) team conducts inspections on raw materials before production, production checks and finished production inspections at the point of manufacture.

→ We conduct testing on our products to satisfy mandatory standards. We also conduct specific testing according to our retailer partner requirements.

→ We have an ongoing program of auditing our supply chain for adherence to ethical practices incorporating labour rights. We are deeply committed to ethical sourcing and manufacturing and all of our factories are independently audited to meet Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) standards

→ We are specialist in regards to Direct Import (DI) or Free On Board (FOB) in dealing with freight forwarders and customs regulations in China, the USA, Europe and Australia.

Our objective

Our objective is to continually provide the most innovative designs for leisure and outdoor life products.  Offer our dealers and business partners with the best products and solutions on the market combined with great cost effectiveness, high quality and remarkable functionality.

Our promise

The CasualWay Quality Promise. We ensures that you are buying quality products with good workmanship and no manufacturing defects. What does this mean? The Casualway Quality represents our commitment to deliver the most innovative, state-of-the-art products, designed and built to meet and exceed industry standards at the most competitive prices.

The CasualWay Delivery Promise. We promise to ship and deviler on time everytime as promised. Once we promised, the promise is promise.

Our innovation

We are relentless in our efforts to innovate new ways to bring you safe, hassle free, quality products. Our design and engineer teams work tirelessly to improve upon the status quo and deliver better looking and better functioning product to market.

Our customers

Our prestigious customers include Amazon, Wal Mart, Aldi, Home Hardware, Sam's Club, Home Depot, Woolworth, Camping World, etc. 

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